Analytics & Controlling

Spyglass can help you unlock the value of your data and define your organization’s strategic path toward advanced data analytics and applied machine learning. Learn how.

We offer services in applied machine learning and statistical inference to solve data related business problems. Our collective experience from business and research gives us the edge to deliver concrete solutions to challenging data projects.

What we do
We empower healthcare companies to own their future by addressing capability gaps in data analytics, machine learning from an organizational and technical perspective. By guiding healthcare organizations through the process of building, prototyping and deploy minimal viable products, we instil confidence in the tools, processes and your own team’s capabilities to be able to independently execute future projects.

Why it matters to your company
Companies that effectively apply machine learning can drive efficiency through automation and create new business opportunities. They can better understand customer behaviors and reduce churn. They can more precisely spot anomalies and calculate success factors, instead, and on top of relying on someone’s intuition or gut feeling. “Data is the new gold” is a myth for many organizations. It is what you do with it, that creates value and allows your organization to make more confident product and business decisions. Prototype with us and create value for your business.

Data privacy and ethics
Consumers and business owners commonly held principles and standards of conduct are being influenced by the rapidly changing digital landscape. The increasingly important need for data analysis, however, must follow lawful and ethical principles with respect to data collection, use of personal data and the development of algorithms. We and our customers respect legal, social, scientific and also ethical concerns when working with people and data.

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